Why Don’t Stop Living.org

In 1992 I almost lost my life in a work related accident. After four weeks in a coma, I awoke in a strange hospital I did not recognize, I felt the sting of the burns all across my body and for the life of me, I could not move my arms. The doctors continued to tell me everything I would do again with hard work and therapy, like button my shirt, brush my hair and feed myself…all things one learned as a child. After letting it all sink in, it became clear that at 24 I had to start my new life … as a bi-lateral amputee.

Hector Picard at a recent speaking engagement.As children we are always encouraged to dream to be anything and everything we want to be, astronauts, cowboys, even professional athletes. Unfortunately, as we grow older dreams fall to realistic goals and responsibilities. My journey as an amputee began with obstacles I would never have imagined. I was an active individual with a family and dreams of just more than merely existing. I needed to find a way to be active again and be there for my family. I did not want to stop living. I wanted to experience life with the same zeal I had before my accident.

I was fortunate, I had a strong support system of family, friends and competition to help me through the tough times. However, in life you are constantly encountering new challenges that remind us we are living, evolving beings. Today, my support system has changed but my desire to live a full life has not. For this reason, I have started www.dontStopLiving.org as a resource and support system for all individuals with obstacles in lives, whether disabled, going through personal issues or just down on their luck. I want everyone to know that no adversity is too great when you embrace life through hard work and positive thinking, you will overcome anything.

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